Water Purification

Water & Sewage Pipes

A wide range of pipes for water applications ranging from 16mm to 1200mm OD pipes, pressure rating upto PN20 and a full range of fittings to serve to most of customer needs. Pipes are made from the best PE 100 & PE80 pipes grade materials in the world. Pipes are available both in straight lengths upto 12m & coil form upto 6".

Gas Pipe

Gas Transport Pipes

The widest range of Gas pipes upto 22" in stringent ASTM standards & 800mm in ISO standards for :
- City Gas Distribution
- Coal Bed Methane Transport
Imported Precompounded material use to make pipes, which are available both in straight lengths upto 12m and coil form upto 6".

Concrete Liner Studliner

Concrete Protective Lines

We offer multiple options for lining of Concrete structures like :
- Precast Pipes, Tunnels & Trenches
- Industrial floorings & chimneys
Liners are available with T shaped type T-locks as well as V shaped V Locks. Liners can be provided in straight sheets, welded rolls & also sleeves for direct casting.



Plastic molded & fabricated manholes made in international collaboration with imported moulds available for use in sewages & effluent discharge lines.

Stay Cable Pipe

Cable Stay Pipes

Specialty cable stay bridges designed and supplied in collaboration with leading Germany based world supplier of specialty solutions.