Chemical Process Industry

Chemical Process Industry

Agrochemicals, Pharmaceutical, Cholroalkali plants etc. handle extremely corrosive chemicals, fluids, gases and at high temperatures. A full range of pipes, fittings & valves are available to serve needs ranging from -30 Deg C to 140 Deg C made from imported high performance engineering plastic raw materials.

Effluent Treatment Plant

Effluent Treatment Plants

Industries need to transport effluent to ETPs. Effluent can contain chemicals, corrosive fluids, nuclear waste as and at elevated temperatures. Pipes, fittings & valves are available to serve needs ranging from -30 Deg C to 90 Deg C in imported high performance engineered raw materials.

Industrial piping

Metallurgical Industry

Metallurgical industry consist of ferrous & nonferrous metals. Metallurgical industries generate hazardous wastes containing dissolved toxic metals. eg. smelting operations. Products available to serve needs ranging from 30 Deg C to 110 Deg C made from imported engineering plastic raw materials.

Mining Industry

Mining Industry

Special abrasion resistant piping system for transport of highly abrasive slurry in mines as well as raw ore. Electrically conductive, antistatic, fire retardant piping solutions are available for a high impact, high flexibility demanding applications.


Seawater Desalination

Carrying seawater into desal plants requires large dia pipes as well as a multitude of fittings to go with them. Pipes upto 1200mm dia and a full range of fittings is available to serve to these needs.

Pipes for Water Purfication

Water Purification Plants

Water purification for drinking water as well as processing grey water for drinking needs are well established applications of polyethylene pipes and also plastic sheets for construction of tanks for storage of water and for bleaching agents etc.

Marine Outfall line

Marine Outfall Lines

Wide experience for marine outfall lines with end to end supply and services for meeting your marine outfall needs. PE100 pipes are chosen products for such requirements along with full battery of fittings.

Plastic Fabrication

Equipment Fabrication

Chemical Storage Tank , Vessel and Process Equipment made from high quality engineered plastic sheets made from the best materials in the world are available. HVAC, Desulphrization Fume extractors require semifinished products below.