Water Purification


Focus primarily on infrastructure applications like district water distribution, city water supply ; sewage piping, city gas connections , concrete protective lining for big diameter sewage concrete pipes, manholes for sewage lines.

Industrial piping


Applications which require conveyance of aggressive chemicals, gases, fluids at high temperatures or highly corrosive in nature require high end solutions. Focus in on applications like choloroalkali plants, bleaching, galvanizing, nuclear and effluent treatments plants.



A wide range of products for marine applications primarily for the dredging industry with a full gamut of end-to-end floatation pipelines, aquaculture solutions like fish cages, mooring buoys, ocean markers and buoys.



Providing solutions to building construction industry with advanced garbage and debris management solutions. Systems can be made automated to handle segregated garbage & provide secured access. Debris chutes are designed in tough plastics for repeated use.

Sea Water intake Lines


Design, Supply, Installation, Commissioning & Testing services are also available with us and we have many years of experience with Marine outfall lines, Industrial piping, water and gas pipe laying, garbage and debris chute installation.

plastic fabrication


Inhouse capabilities of fabrication of plastic parts, vessels or other structures, routing of sheets and blocks, custom made skids, manifolds , diffusers, centrifuge extractors, wedged welded and butt welded rolls from sheets are available.

  • CNC Routing
  • Fabricated Fume Extractors, Vessels, Tanks
  • Manifolds, Diffusers
  • Slotted and Drilled Pipes